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Steam Rooms

Spa’s and Sauna’s in the home were once considered extravagant luxuries but have now become commonplace due to the variety of hot tubs, spa baths, and sauna’s available. What makes a modern day Spa and Sauna such an enticing prospect for the home is how bathrooms can now accommodate these facilities due to their compactness and simple installation process. If bathroom space is at a premium, why not integrate a sauna within a shower enclosure for greater practicality and maximise valuable bathroom space at the same time? BathroomsByDesign understand the restorative benefits of Sauna’s and the relaxing oasis a Spa can create, which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of unique Steam Baths, idyllic Steam Rooms and relaxing Spa Baths from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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Steam Rooms

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