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We Understand A Design Led Environment

Commercial or residential, we recognise the significant responsibility resting on the shoulders of an architect. The demands of the client, the parameters of regulations, the overall aesthetics, the functionality, safety and ethics that must be considered within a sometimes very tight budget. We understand the creative vision of the project must translate to every room.

Whether it is a single bathroom that needs to meet an undiluted aesthetic goal, or a whole hotel that needs to be filled with a uniform, practical and cost effective solution that complements the rest of the design, we aim to serve your vision with our specialist knowledge, experience and creativity.

You Can Trust Us To Save You Time

Our service partnership with you is led by an experienced account manager who will provide a single point of contact.

They will assist you with every aspect of the conceptualisation and design, provide technical knowledge, at every step, along the way and project manage a delivery schedule that will meet the exact requirements of the installation team. We want to offload all aspects of the Bathroom design and project management so that your teams can concentrate on delivering your core services.

Our technical expertise and support will allow your teams to innovate

With our latest technology and cutting edge design skills we can deliver with absolute confidence that the finished product will work and will stand the test of time.

Contact us with your project details and requirements or arrange an appointment with your dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through our exclusive products, software solution and service offering.
We Partner In the Way You Want Us to work with you
At BathroomsByDesign, we recognise that the you may need us to support you and your clients in a way that works the best for you. Our unique design software, collaboration tools and supporting infrastructure, gives us the ability to position our services exactly as you need them to be, to give you the right balance of time saving and control within your client relationships:

Rewarded Referral

In instances where the bathrooms are not part of your core project, we can work directly with your customer and manage every aspect of the design and project management.

We offer generous rewards to partner organisations that refer their customers to us.

Visible Partner

Some situations work best when we support your customer as a visible partner that can offload all aspects of the bathroom requirements from you. Working within a previously agreed framework, we will ensure that you have visibility of all customer communications and sign-off of key stage decisions.

Your brand is enhanced by our professionalism and innovative services whist you devote your time to your core business.

Hidden Partner

We can support you and offload all aspects of the bathroom design and project management, whilst working behind your client facing team.

Our unique software, means we are happy to create multiple design options that will give the ability to inspire your clients. We can then make alterations with you, using our online collaboration tools in real-time, so you can present this back to your client.

Let us offload all of the technical aspects and project management, to ensure that all products are compatible with one another and that everything is delivered exactly as your installation team needs it to be

Brand Partner

Where the situation works best for you and your client, we can work with you to understand more about you, your values and the exact way you want to work, so we can become an extension of your own service.

Our professionalism and expertise is backed up by our unique software and collaboration tools, meaning that we can provide complete transparency of our interactions with your clients and offload all bathroom related aspects from your teams.

Save Time and Money – Free and Fast 3D Bathroom Design Service

A key part of the success of BathroomsByDesign over the last 12 years is the investment we have made in training our expert designers and providing them with the post powerful design software in the industry.

Whilst we recognise that our architect trade partners have access to powerful CAD tools. However, the speed of change and flexibility that our virtual reality enabled in-house design software solution provides within bathroom design is unmatched. Our entire product range and a huge library of modular architectural features are pre-modelled within the system.

Our software incorporates intelligence to automatically calculate the cost of the fixtures, fittings and consumables that are required for each chosen component of the design.

This means that we have real-time visibility of the total price, as each of the changes are made, to ensure that we can remain completely focussed on the creative process whilst our software ensures we remain within budget.

Send your Account Manager the empty room plan and the design brief and within minutes we are ready with a concept design to work on with you or your client to optimise and explore the options.
Design Where it Suits You and Your Clients

State of the Art Studios

We can help you provide that VIP experience for your client. Bring them in and we can provide refreshments, whilst we project the designs directly on to wall and use the latest virtual reality technology to bring their designs to life.

Online - Wherever is Convenient for You

We can arrange to provide the design consultation on any laptop or computer, in your office, at your clients home or wherever works for you both. You still get the full virtual reality experience, using our advanced Plan2Design free phone app and a headset adapter that will also provide you free of charge.

Cost Efficient Product Sourcing from Ethical Supply Partners

With many exclusive products and a global network that provides cost effective access to all well known, quality brands, we are ideally placed to source against any requirement.

Whether you are seeking statement pieces to created a design around, looking for integration of the latest lifestyle enhancing steam shower technology, or you need us to work within the conditions of a strict Corporate Social Responsibility policy on water usage or CO2 usage within the supply chain, BathroomsByDesign will deliver.

With BathroomsbyDesign, our global supply chain has enabled us to develop a range of customisable and modular products that are exclusive to us. Available in the latest styles and fashion that your clients are looking for. These products offer significant technical advantages and price reductions.

Save Money - Trade Membership Scheme Discount Scheme

We supply all of the recognised quality brands and can guarantee that within our trade membership, we will not be beaten on price.

Innovate Using Our Technical Expertise

As well as being a key part of the aesthetic vision of a building, bathrooms are a uniquely functional room that can have a huge impact on the running and maintenance costs.

Our Account Managers will work with your to deliver a solution to protect the building, maximise the life span of the products and incorporate technology to drive efficiency in heating and water usage. Let us guide you through the latest innovations that bring automation, clean air, AV equipment and convenience, without compromising the aesthetic design values.

Protect Your Installation Schedule with Technical Support When You Need It

We have been delivering solutions for both trade, residential and commercial clients since 2006. We have the taken time to work with our supply chain to understand the products that we source and incorporate in to our product catalogues.

Whilst we ensure that the products will meet the quality and value expectations of our clients, we also ensure that our own technical teams are able to provide support to your installation suppliers.

Whether it is the unique mounting of a floating design feature or the integration of a steam shower system, our technical team will be available to ensure that any problems that arise are quickly resolved and the installation remains on schedule at all times.
What Next?
Our showrooms and design studios provide a uniquely inspiring design environment. Whether you have a project in mind or are just looking for design ideas, why not arrange an appointment to come in and one our Account Managers would be delighted to show you around and give you an overview of our software solution and service offering?

Why not arrange an appointment to come in to one of our showrooms and one our Account Managers would be delighted to show you around and we can also give you an overview of our services, including our unique design solution and app?