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where ideas begin

Whether you are just starting to think about a new bathroom, or you are well on your way to knowing what you want, our idea’s pages are the perfect place to get inspiration.


This is a showcase of some of the bathrooms we are proud to have designed and supplied.

You can sort by bathroom type or style and find more details behind the products that have been used and what influenced the design.

Mood Boards

We have created a flexible space that you can use to create your mood boards.

Gather images, colour palettes and notes effortlessly whilst you browse and help guide our design teams to understand exactly what you want.

Mood Boards - Coming Soon

Wish Lists

As you navigate through our website, we give you the opportunity to indicate which are your favourite products, showcases and images.

If you are signed in to the site, this page will give you a summary of all of the items you have selected on your journey.

Wish List - Coming Soon


Once you know what products and features fit your requirements perfectly, it makes sense to consider the steps you need to take to bring the bathroom design to your home.


Be Inspired

Throughout our site, you have the opportunity to favourite the products and features that best meet your needs using the heart icon. You can conveniently access these favourited items through your wishlist.

This list will allow us to make recommendations about products that may interest you, show you relevant offers and when you are ready, it can be used to provide our design team with an initial idea of what you are interested in.


Measuring Up

To create a design, we need to gather a few basic measurements from the space that you want to create the bathroom in.

Our Plan2Design App and our website both have tools that will assist you in doing this. If you need help, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange assistance for you.

plan2design app Planner tool - Coming Soon

YOUR Bathroom, YOUR Way

After you have collected ideas about the products and features that inspire you and you have gathered the measurements you will need, BathroomsByDesign gives you the option to choose the route to YOUR bathroom that suits YOU.

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