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Bathroom Installer

BathroomsByDesign is a one-stop-shop for, project managed, bathroom design, supply and technical support.

We offer a huge range of services that will save you time and money and enhance your relationship with your client.

Generate New Business - Join Our Network of Approved Installers

BathroomsByDesign has invested heavily over the last 12 years to a create an unrivalled bathroom design service and developing a supply network that spans the globe. We work directly with consumers and also trade partners, such as architects and developers and have built up a reputation for our quality, price and professionalism.

We are asked my many of our clients to recommend an installation team that shares our values and we would therefore like to work with you to understand the areas of bathroom installation that you specialise in and the areas of the country you cover.

Save Money - Trade Membership Scheme Discount Scheme

We have travelled the world to find and develop exclusive pricing relationships with supply partners, who can deliver the products that customers want to incorporate in to their bathroom designs.

We supply all of the recognised quality brands and can guarantee that within our trade membership, we will not be beaten on price.

Save Money - Global Supply Network and Exclusive Products

With BathroomsByDesign, our global supply chain has enabled us to develop a range of customisable and modular products that are exclusive to us.

Available in the latest styles and fashion that your clients are looking for, these products offer significant technical advantages and price reductions.

Save Time with Our Project Management

From the moment we start to work together, you will have an account manager providing you with a single point of contact.

Whatever the nature of the project, small or large, your account manager will take the hassle out of, the design process, making sure all of the appropriate fittings and consumables are accounted for and that everything is compatible.
We Partner In the Way You Want Us to work with you
At BathroomsByDesign, we recognise that the you may need us to support you and your clients in a way that works the best for you. Our unique design software, collaboration tools and supporting infrastructure, gives us the ability to position our services exactly as you need them to be, to give you the right balance of time saving and control within your client relationships:

Rewarded Referral

In instances where the bathrooms are not part of your core project, we can work directly with your customer and manage every aspect of the design and project management.

We offer generous rewards to partner organisations that refer their customers to us.

Visible Partner

Some situations work best when we support your customer as a visible partner that can offload all aspects of the bathroom requirements from you. Working within a previously agreed framework, we will ensure that you have visibility of all customer communications and sign-off of key stage decisions.

Your brand is enhanced by our professionalism and innovative services whist you devote your time to your core business.

Hidden Partner

We can support you and offload all aspects of the bathroom design and project management, whilst working behind your client facing team.

Our unique software, means we are happy to create multiple design options that will give the ability to inspire your clients. We can then make alterations with you, using our online collaboration tools in real-time, so you can present this back to your client.

Let us offload all of the technical aspects and project management, to ensure that all products are compatible with one another and that everything is delivered exactly as your installation team needs it to be

Brand Partner

Where the situation works best for you and your client, we can work with you to understand more about you, your values and the exact way you want to work, so we can become an extension of your own service.

Our professionalism and expertise is backed up by our unique software and collaboration tools, meaning that we can provide complete transparency of our interactions with your clients and offload all bathroom related aspects from your teams.

Save Time and Money – Free and Fast 3D Bathroom Design Service

A key part of the success of BathroomsByDesign over the last 12 years is the investment we have made in training our expert designers and providing them with the post powerful design software in the industry.

Faster Designs

Our in-house developed software brings our entire product range to life quicker than any other software.

It means that you or your clients can have a design created in minutes and look at all of the options for products, architectural features, tiling, lighting and decoration in real-time. This not only saves you time and money, but means the client feels full creative control.

Virtual Reality

You and your clients are able to see the designs in 3D and in virtual reality. Totally immerse yourselves in to the design, allowing you to walk around the design as though in real-life.

It’s not just in our design studios either…
Design Where it Suits You and Your Clients

State of the Art Studios

We can help you provide that VIP experience for your client. Bring them in and we can provide refreshments, whilst we project the designs directly on to wall and use the latest virtual reality technology to bring their designs to life.

Online - Wherever is Convenient for You

We can arrange to provide the design consultation on any laptop or computer, in your office, at your clients home or wherever works for you both. You still get the full virtual reality experience, using our advanced Plan2Design free phone app and a headset adapter that will also provide you free of charge.

Save Time With Our Plan 2 Design VR App

Our phone app can support you and your clients in a number of ways. At the start of the design process, it provides access to an inspirational showcase of designs that you or client can view in 3D or use one of our free headset adapters to view in virtual reality.

Your client can use the Room Planner tool to help them measure their own bathroom for you.

During the design process the app is convenient way to view any design changes that are made whilst on move. Anywhere you have internet access you can view the design in 3d and virtual reality.

Using the app you have complete control to forward any design changes made by our design team directly to your client, wherever they are, so they can view and agree changes without delay. Similarly, the designs that you forward to them, can be forwarded on to their family or friends to speed up the decision making process.

Everything is Delivered to Your Schedule

Your Account Manager will look to understand the project and work to coordinate your deliveries so that they work for you.

We understand that on a lot of projects there is no space to receive goods early. Whether it is products that we have in stock, or special orders direct from a global manufacturer, we will bring together the appropriate items in our Brentford warehouse and only deliver exactly what you need and exactly when you need it, using our own free in-house delivery service.

Technical Support when You Need It

BathroomsByDesign is committed to bringing you access to the latest technology within bathrooms design.

From the latest Steam Showers and Wet Rooms, integrated audio visual equipment, automation or new room sealing products, we work with our suppliers to understand it all. Our technical teams or on hand to give you expert installation advice, at the time when you need it.

Enhance Your Portfolio - Free Professional Photography and Feature in Our Virtual Reality Showcase

As with every business, improving our online presence is critical to attracting new customers. As part of our service, we offer a professional photography of the completed bathroom project and we make this available to you and the customer. As well as enhancing your own portfolio, the images enable the project to be featured within the design showcase on our website and the virtual reality showcase on our app.
What Next?
We Want to Get to Know You. When it comes to recommending an installation team, it is our partners who share our passion for quality and customer service that we turn to. We are therefore keen to understand more about the projects you have been involved in, the size and type of the installation work you are looking for and the locations where you would ideally like to work.

Why not arrange an appointment to come in to one of our showrooms and one our Account Managers would be delighted to show you around and we can also give you an overview of our services, including our unique design solution and app?