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Designer Claus Dyre encountered the same problem again and again in his years working renovating bathrooms: cutting a beautiful tile floor to make room for the floor drain. Hours of planning, dreaming and scheming goes into picking the perfect tiles for a luxury bathroom. He would find the perfect tiles for each project only to have to deface a beautiful piece of tile in order to fit the drain. It just felt wrong. Enough is enough. Working in collaboration with the Danish Building Research Institute, Claus designed the Unidrain.

The idea behind Unidrain® is simple, but beautiful. By moving the floor drain against the wall in a waterproof connection – there is no need to cut tiles in order to fit the drain. An oblong floor drain with a gradient in one direction is elegantly fitted away from the shower’s tread space, while an integrated wall flange ensures a completely tight fitting. With its patented system, Unidrain® provides many solutions for bathroom renovations, historically one of the most costly and difficult areas within the construction industry. No more destroying beautiful tiles. Replace that twinge of guilt with one of the most graceful solutions in the construction industry today. This unique system has become one of the construction industry’s preferred floor drain systems, with over 350,000 installations.

With their ongoing development, research and dedication to both building technology and design, their ambition is to make the old floor drain system completely obsolete, while allowing people to create a dream bathroom according to their own tastes and requirements.

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