How can a cold shower benefit your health?

We’ve all been there - someone disrupts your shower as they flush the toilet or turn the kitchen tap on, unexpectedly leaving you with a blast of ice cold water! You have to manoeuvre yourself in such a way that the water doesn’t touch you and, as you wait for it to heat back up again, you can say goodbye to that relaxing shower. Despite the initial shock of cold water, it might not be all that bad, in fact, it may even be beneficial to our health.

Many studies have shown that, although a cold shower may be undesirable, it can actually help us both physically and mentally! And besides, would you rather take a cold shower or an ice bath to help those niggly muscle aches…

Here are 5 of the main health benefits a cold shower can offer. Maybe next time you feel a dip in your water temperature, you won’t be so quick to turn the water off…

1. Post-workout recovery

Ever wondered why so many athletes take ice baths? A cold shower can help to reduce the soreness your body feels the day after an intense workout. Taking a cold shower is proven to help increase circulation and remove waste products such as lactic acid that build up when we exercise. Many athletes take ice baths after training to help their bodies and muscles quickly recover. We’re sure one of our past customer’s, ex-England World Cup winning rugby legend Lawrence Dallaglio, will vouch for the benefits of a cold shower!

2. Increase Alertness

Not everyone is a morning person, and if you need that extra boost at the start of your day, a cold shower will certainly make you alert and ready. As your body feels the initial shock of the cold water, you will naturally take deep breaths, increasing your intake of oxygen which will in turn make you more alert.

3. Improves mood

As you enter a cold shower, the impact on your skin and nerve endings can create an anti-depressive effect. Lifting your mood and acting as a great boost to your overall demeanour.

4. Help improve circulation and immunity

A cold shower encourages improved circulation as your body sends the blood around the body to keep it warm. Studies have suggested cold showers can also improve our immune system, due to the release of more white blood cells.

5. Improve skin and hair

Cold showers are also known to add cosmetic value too. It is said that cold water can improve the appearance of our hair and skin as it prevents the loss of natural oils. The hair follicles won’t expand due to heat and therefore will remain stronger and appear glossier. Which in the long run will save you money, forking out on expensive shampoos and skincare products!

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