As homeowners, we are always looking for new ways to connect our inside spaces with outdoor living, and the bathroom is no exception. A well designed  bathroom can be so much more than a place for personal hygiene - it can be the ultimate relaxing retreat inspired by the outdoors, that allows you to elevate your daily bathroom routine and boost your well-being. Our expert designers have shared their top tips on how you can bring the outdoors into your bathroom this summer.

Light and bright colours
Breathe new life into your bathroom with a carefully considered colour scheme that helps create an inviting space for relaxation and rejuvenation. This summer’s bathroom colour trends are heavily inspired by nature with soft, calming tones and mood boosting flashes  of colour being particularly popular. 

With tiles being the top choice for bathrooms, adding a feature wall to your design can help create a stylish accent and add impact to your bathroom. There are various tile styles, shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, so whether you want to add a tile contrast or blend in your tiles seamlessly - the perfect bathroom tiles are out there for you.

Nature-inspired materials and textures
Bringing the outdoors into your bathroom can be done through the use of nature-inspired materials and textures. Marble-effect tiles have always been a popular choice  in bathrooms, which is not surprising as they offer a timeless and sophisticated look and feel. In recent years, solid stone surfaces and stone-effect tiles have also become desired , particularly in contemporary style bathrooms. 

Another natural material that provides a beautiful contrast to a marble or stone surface is wood. This soft material adds warmth to your nature-inspired design scheme and provides a positive organic look. You can incorporate wood in different ways such as choosing a wood-effect vanity unit or wood-effect tiles. 

Marble, stone and wood exude a true sense of nature, showcasing the unique veinings, markings and details you’d find outdoors. A combination of these materials can truly transform your bathroom into a serene sanctuary inspired by the outdoors.

Rainfall showers
Having a rainfall shower in your bathroom is not only aesthetically very pleasing, but it also perfectly blends in with a nature-inspired bathroom setting. You can recreate the cleansing calmness of being out in nature while also creating a very minimalist and modern look and feel in your bathroom. To complete the look, we recommend installing a walk-in shower screen if your space allows it as this creates a sense of openness and an unobstructed view that enhances your outdoor themed bathroom.

With various shower configuration options available, it is important to discuss your possibilities with an expert to make sure you choose the right shower that suits your lifestyle and space, taking into consideration your water system too.

Let the light in
Clever use of windows, skylights, lighting and mirrors in your bathroom can truly transform your bathroom by making it look bigger and creating an illusion of being outdoors while still providing plenty of privacy and comfort.

Windows let natural light as well as fresh summer air into your bathroom. Skylights have even more benefits as they offer more privacy and bring in light from the ceiling, which mimics the position of the sun more naturally.

Apart from natural light, you should also consider your bathroom lighting as you’ll likely want to incorporate some functional task lighting as well as ambient lighting. Make sure you discuss your wants and needs with your tradesperson early on in the process, so they can take any plans into consideration when fitting your new bathroom.

Botanical beauty
Green has long been a popular colour choice in the bathroom world, but in recent years the green bathroom trend is less about green painted walls or tiles and more about the use of plants and plant-like features such as botanical wallpaper, feature tiles, and even artificial moss walls.

Botanicals are becoming a huge design trend in interior spaces and luckily bathrooms are not left behind. Adding a touch of botanical beauty can create a refreshing, natural and effortlessly stylish bathroom design.

Sounds and scents
Natural sounds and scents can have a relaxing effect on our bodies and mind. When it comes to the final touches for your nature-inspired bathroom design, you can consider scented candles or a diffuser with essential oils - a much more natural alternative to an aerosol spray. You may already keep a bluetooth speaker in your bathroom, but have you considered playing soft and soothing nature sounds? The sound of a waterfall, birds chirping, forest noises or calming ocean waves can be extremely relaxing and help bring the sounds of summer into your indoor sanctuary.

Are you ready to start planning your dream bathroom? Book a free design consultation today and let us help you design the perfect bathroom sanctuary for your home.