While a basin tap may be considered a small fitting, it’s often the small details that have the biggest impact on the look and functionality of your dream bathroom. With so many different styles and functions to choose from, picking the right basin tap can be a little bit tricky. This guide looks at the various basin tap options to help you make the right choice.

Monobloc Basin Taps
Monobloc taps are suited to basins with one tap hole and probably the most common type of basin mixer available for modern bathrooms. A ‘monobloc’ gets its name from the single casting which forms one piece and the mixer cartridge technology under the handle which allows hot and cold water to be mixed to the desired temperature. They are an easy-to-use tap option and a popular choice due to their timeless appeal and practicality.

This is the VADO Origins Knurled monobloc basin tap in polished chrome.

Wall Mounted Basin Taps
Wall mounted taps are ideal for basins without any pre-drilled tap holes. They help save space around the basin area and are considered a trendy choice. They definitely add a contemporary look and feel to your bathroom and are easy to maintain and keep clean. 

There are two different types of wall mounted basin taps: 2 hole and 3 hole ones. The 2 hole wall mounted basin tap is sometimes referred to as a single lever wall mounted basin tap and functions in a similar way to the monobloc tap; there is a single handle that controls the temperature of the water that flows out through a single spout. The 3 hole wall mounted tap on the other hand has a lever (or crosshead) for your hot water feed and a separate lever (or crosshead) for your cold water feed, which allows you to mix the temperature by adjusting both. 

Some wall mounted basin taps come with a backplate, but if you’re looking to achieve a more minimalist look and feel, one without a backplate may be a better match for you. It is also important to consider the spout length (often referred to as the spout projection) and understand what the ideal measurement is based on the size and position of your basin.

These are the JTP HIX single lever wall mounted basin mixer in brushed brass (left) and the JTP Solex 3 hole wall mounted basin mixer in matt black (right).

Tall Monobloc Basin Taps
Tall monobloc basin taps are an excellent choice for countertop basins, such as a sit-on bowl. This type of tap is taller than your regular monobloc tap so they can be mounted to a work surface and tower over your basin. They work the same way as a regular monobloc tap and often have a single lever that controls the water flow and temperature. A tall monobloc basin tap can create a stylish statement and adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom. 

This is the Hansgrohe Metropol single lever tall basin mixer in matt white.

3 Hole Deck Mounted Basin Taps
3 Hole deck mounted basin taps are often associated with traditional bathrooms, but that is not to say that there are no 3 hole deck mounted basin taps with a contemporary or modern aesthetic. 

Only 3 hole basins will accommodate a 3 hole deck mounted basin tap, so you need to make sure that you pair these types of taps with a basin that either already has 3 pre-drilled tap holes or is made of a material that can be drilled, such as solid surface or cast marble. A 3 hole deck mounted basin tap functions in the same way as a 3 hole wall mounted basin tap; there is a handle to control your hot water feed and a separate handle to control your cold water feed. You can adjust both handles to get the desired temperature of water to flow out through the spout.

This is the Crosswater Belgravia 3 hole crosshead deck mounted basin tap in polished chrome.

Other important considerations
Apart from the different basin tap types and functions, there are various different tap designs, styles and finishes to choose from, so it is important to consider what overall look you want to achieve. Choose a basin tap that is in keeping with the overall style of your bathroom. For example, if you’re designing a new bathroom with clean, minimalist lines and a contemporary look and feel, you should probably consider a basin tap that complements this scheme - a wall mounted basin tap would be perfect. Similarly, make sure that you choose a finish that is in keeping with the other brassware and fittings in your bathroom. Some of the most popular brassware finishes include polished chrome, brushed nickel, matt black, brushed black, and brushed brass or gold.

It is also critical to check your water pressure and while having a good-looking tap is important, it is even more important to invest in good quality taps.

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