When you’re preparing for your new bathroom project, looking at different bathroom styles and colour schemes will often spark inspiration and can give you a better idea of what your perfect bathroom looks like. This guide will help you discover 6 popular bathroom styles, their key features, and more!

1. Transitional Bathrooms
A transitional style bathroom elegantly brings together traditional and modern or contemporary elements in one space. Transitional bathrooms are a subtle blend of these different design styles without veering far towards one particular style. They balance classic features with modern pieces, luxury with comfort, and often incorporate neutral and calming colours such as white, beige, and grey.

Key features include: shaker-style basin units, (brushed) brass or polished chrome brassware, classic bathtubs, and marble-effect or subway tiles.

Products that can’t be missed from your transitional style bathroom are a BC Designs bathtub such as the Aurelius or Bampton bath, marble-effect tiles, and a Burlington Riviera basin and vanity unit.

Photos: BC Designs Aurelius freestanding bathtub, European Tiles Marmo range, Burlington Riviera vanity unit in pink

2. Modern Bathrooms
Modern bathrooms are characterised by clean lines, geometric shapes, minimalism, and natural materials. Modern design is often confused or used interchangeably with the term “contemporary design”, but there are some big differences. Modern design is based on a design movement from the early to mid-20th century and includes aspects of popular styles such as Art Deco, German Bauhaus and Scandinavian design. A modern style bathroom focuses on the architecture and functionality of the space, and is all about creating a sleek, streamlined look with a minimalist colour palette. While the use of colour isn’t unusual, the colour palette for a modern bathroom is often monochromatic and favours earthy tones over bright colours.

Key features include: wall-hung basin units, glass shower enclosures, streamlined lighting, and frameless mirrors.

Products that can’t be missed from your modern style bathroom are a Faeber Mode basin unit in a white or wood-effect finish, a Faeber Glow mirror with subtle LED illumination, and a frameless shower enclosure from Merlyn.

Photos: Faeber Mode basin unit (and WC), Faeber Glow illuminated mirror, Merlyn 8 Series sliding door shower enclosure

3. Contemporary Bathrooms
Where modern design refers to a design era from the past, contemporary design is all about the styles and cutting-edge design features of the current moment. A contemporary style bathroom embraces the latest in technology and matches the latest trends in terms of colour, textures, patterns and finishes. Less is more when it comes to contemporary design; it is as much about the negative space as it is about the elements in the space. You’ll often see crisp whites in contemporary bathrooms, but they can also be vibrant and playful with use of colour and patterns.

Key features include: wall-hung basin units with clutter-free countertops, seamless shower glass, crisp white freestanding bathtubs, and special finish brassware.

Products that can’t be missed from your contemporary style bathroom are a StoneKAST freestanding bathtub, brushed black AVA brassware, and an open-ended heated towel rail.

Photos: StoneKAST Ovale freestanding bathtub, AVA Trend wall mounted basin taps in brushed black, AVA Trend open ended towel rail in polished stainless steel

4. Traditional Bathrooms
Traditional bathrooms are in some ways the opposite of contemporary bathrooms. Instead of being trend-conscious and minimalist, a traditional style bathroom combines timeless design with classic elegance and lots of decorative details. You’ll often find high-end materials and more conventional design elements in traditional bathrooms, and the colours tend to be subtle, soft, and serene.

Key features include: traditional basins with a washstand or furniture-style unit, close-coupled toilets, classic bathtubs (often with claw feet or pedestal-style), and crosshead brassware.

Products that can’t be missed from your traditional style bathroom are VADO Booth & Co brassware and a Burlington Edwardian Basin with Washstand and Close Coupled Toilet.

Photos: VADO Booth & Co Axbridge floorstanding bath shower mixer, Burlington Edwardian basin with washstand, Burlington standard close coupled toilet

5. Wellness Bathrooms
In recent years, wellness bathrooms with spa-like elements have become more popular as homeowners are looking for a place to unwind and relax in the comfort of their own home. Wellness bathrooms balance the beauty of natural materials and minimalism with comfort and technology features to create the ultimate wellness experience at home. Nature-inspired neutrals and soft, soothing colours are the ideal choice for your wellness bathroom.

Key features include: wall-hung basins with clutter-free countertop space and wood-effect vanity units, freestanding bathtubs, steam showers, and LED mood lighting.

Products that can’t be missed from your wellness bathroom are a steam shower, underfloor heating and Roca In-Wash® smart toilet.

Photos: StoneKAST Ovale freestanding bathtub, Thermosphere underfloor heating, Roca In-Wash® smart toilet

6. Eclectic Bathrooms
An eclectic style bathroom cleverly blends different styles, textures, patterns and colours to create a unique aesthetic. Eclectic bathrooms are about creativity, mixing & matching, and adding your own personal touch, while also finding a perfect balanced harmony. Vibrant colours are often used against a backdrop of more neutral shades to avoid visual chaos, but as far as experimenting with design and expressing your personality and creativity goes, eclectic bathrooms offer endless possibilities.

Key features include: colourful basin units, crittall or matt black shower screens, special finish brassware, and patterned tiles.

Products that can’t be missed from your eclectic bathroom are brushed brass or gold brassware, a tailored Faeber Mode Furniture unit and the Apavisa Hydraulic patterned tiles.

Photos: Faeber Mode double drawer unit in tailored RAL colour, Apavisa Hydraulic black natural tile, VADO Origins brushed gold wall mounted basin mixer

While finding out what bathroom design style resonates with you the most can be extremely helpful at the start of your journey, ultimately, creating your dream bathroom is not about sticking with a single theme or following any “rules”. Instead, it is about making choices that speak to your personal style and work well within your space. 

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