When we think of a five-star hotel bathroom, we think of luxury, style, elegance, comfort, and relaxation. You might think it is impossible to bring that hotel-chic feel into your bathroom, so to help, we’ve put together a how-to guide to help you upgrade your bathroom and get away, without ‘getting away’ this summer. 

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there are different ways you can add a touch of luxury to your space. From Italian porcelain tiles to cosy underfloor heating - we hope these tips and ideas will help you on your bathroom transformation journey.

Tile your bathroom with marble or stone-effect tiles
Marble and stone are two materials that are often associated with hotel bathrooms. While it is important to use high-quality materials when designing your luxury bathroom, natural marble can be costly and high-maintenance. Like most natural stone materials, marble stains and marks relatively easily, so we’d recommend marble-effect tiles instead, which provide the same timeless look and feel (just without the fuss).

Our European Tiles selection includes a variety of marble-effect Italian porcelain tiles to suit your preferred colour scheme. Lighter marble-effect tiles will create a more open and bright design, whereas dark marble-effect tiles can create more of a statement and add a sense of drama. If you’re not a fan of the marble look, a slate stone or cement-style tile would be a good alternative.

Elevate your brassware with a special finish
High-end bathroom fixtures, such as brushed brass taps and brushed brass shower fittings can help you make a visual statement with your bathroom. If brushed brass is not your cup of tea or simply does not tie in well with the rest of your chosen colour palette, other alternatives like brushed black or brushed stainless steel would also give your bathroom a bolder and more opulent look.

Turn your bath or shower into a feature
A freestanding bathtub is considered a must-have in your hotel-style bathroom, if you have enough space for one. It is the ultimate bathroom statement piece and a lot of freestanding bathtubs are now available in smaller sizes too, such as the StoneKast Pebble or Ovale mini.

Alternatively, you can make your room all about the shower instead and go for a luxurious and spacious walk-in shower. This means that your shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom with just a piece of glass, creating a very minimalist and clean look.

Let your heated towel rail steal the show
Your heated towel radiator not only offers warmth, but is also a place to hang your towels. It is important that it is positioned in a practical place, near a bath or shower, but instead of having a conventional ladder-style towel rail, why not consider something a little bit different? This might look like more of an art deco style towel rail or perhaps an open ended towel rail is what your bathroom needs. 

Add the final touches of luxury
Creating a luxury hotel-style bathroom design is as much about the big features as it is about the little details. It is about subtle but elegant styling, and making sure you keep comfort in mind. Here are some final low-cost additions to add the final touches of luxury to your hotel-style bathroom:

  • Make sure you feel comfortable and cosy with underfloor heating
  • Create the illusion of more space with a large mirror
  • Treat yourself to a new set of fluffy towels
  • Bring nature indoors with a few plants
  • Stimulate your senses with essential oil scents like lavender and eucalyptus

Here is a link to our How To Accessorise Your New Bathroom post which you may find useful too.

At BathroomsbyDesign we can bring your bathroom dream to life with our market leading design technology. Below are a few examples of how we’ve recreated some hotel bathrooms around the world with our 3D design software.

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