If you are planning a bathroom makeover in the near future or simply want to keep on top of what is trending in the world of bathrooms in 2023 and beyond, then keep on reading because we’ve curated the top trends in bathrooms for 2023.

Stylish and Sustainable
A beautifully designed, stylish bathroom can truly improve your home and change your life, and while style and aesthetics are important, more and more homeowners are now also prioritising sustainability when it comes to home improvement projects. Sustainable living is a rising trend, and in 2023 this trend will be big in bathrooms. A great way to make your bathroom more sustainable would be to consider what your bathroom goods are made from as well as investing in quality and durability. 

Choosing products that have energy-efficient production processes and fixtures with raw materials of natural origin would be a huge step towards sustainability. There are plenty of bathroom brands that are proud to be eco-conscious, such as AVA who specialise in durable, high quality brassware and ensure low pollution manufacturing. OLI is another manufacturer that focuses on sustainable development and offers sanitary installation systems with a dual flush outlet valve that helps you save water and money. Other premium brands to consider when you’re looking for sustainable options include Hansgrohe, Laufen, and Kaldewei.

Tasteful Terrazzo
Terrazzo has made a tasteful comeback and it’s here to stay as one of the hottest tile trends in 2023. Terrazzo style tiles come in varying sizes and colour combinations, so whether you’d like a colourful feature wall or a subtle, more neutral terrazzo tile in your bathroom, you are guaranteed to find a design you will love.

Marvellous Marble
Achieve a luxurious look and feel in your bathroom with marble-effect tiles. Marble is a recurring trend in bathroom interiors and this comes as no surprise. It is elegant, chic & timeless, and we don’t see it going out of style any time soon.

Marble effect tiles are extremely versatile, and you don’t have to stick with the white marble style options if you don’t want to. There are marble style tiles with warmer tones, darker tones, and even ones with a splash of colour. 

Blended Styles and Textures
Get playful with your design and step outside of your comfort zone by blending old with new, adding patterns to neutral schemes and introducing different textures, colours and finishes to your bathroom. In 2023, bathroom design will be less about sticking to a single theme and all about creating bold statements and bringing in elements that speak to your own unique and personal style. The key is finding the right balance between minimalism and maximalism when mixing your styles, patterns, colours and textures, so you don’t compromise on harmony. 

We think the blended bathroom trend is brilliant as it adds personality to a space and often creates an inviting ambience!

Wellness and Warmth
The focus on wellness in bathrooms was huge in 2022, with spa-like bathrooms and emotional escape rooms being more popular than ever before. The wellness bathroom trend continues in 2023, with comfort, natural elements and warmer tones being the focal points.

Beige is no longer boring, and nods to nature are about more than just adding plants to your bathroom. Choose natural-looking textures, add earthy colours, and consider brushed brass brassware to warm up your room. For added comfort, include a steam shower or freestanding bathtub, and perhaps even add some wellness technology features!

Add Technology Features
Today’s homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their lives and create the smart home of the future. Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms with heated floors that can be controlled by an app on your phone, smart toilets, demisting mirrors, integrated charging and USB ports, built in speakers and chromotherapy lighting.

Create a smart bathroom in 2023 with a Roca In-Wash toilet, a Faeber Edge demisting mirror cabinet with temperature changing LED lighting and a shaver socket inside, Thermosphere’s electric underfloor heating that you can control from your phone, and to top it off, why not add some chromotherapy lighting to rebalance energy levels and enhance your mood.

Let our expert design team help you with your bathroom project in 2023!
It is safe to say that 2023 will encourage us to be true to ourselves and design bathrooms that really speak to your personal style, with customisation, sustainability, wellness, and technology as key focal points. 

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