A windowless bathroom can appear dark and enclosed if you don't make any adjustments to brighten the space. It's important to have good lighting in a bathroom not only because it's your wash space and where you groom yourself, but for the overall atmosphere and aesthetic. We've put together a number of ways you can brighten your windowless bathroom and turn a gloomy space into a bright and attractive wash room that you'll enjoy using on a daily basis.


If you have enough wall space, mirrors are perfect for making your bathroom feel bigger and brighter. They help reflect the light around the room and are available in all shapes and sizes, so no matter the shape of your bathroom there will be something to suit. To maximise storage, opt for a mirrored cabinet like the HIB Xenon 120 to keep all of your bathroom essentials tucked away neatly!


It may seem obvious but using lighting effectively can brighten a space and help illuminate areas that need it most. Whether you choose spotlights, mounted wall lights or a statement ceiling light, think about the direction, colour and amount of light they give off.

Light Colours

Using lighter shades for tiling will naturally make a room feel bigger, so using attractive shades of white or pastel colours on the floor and walls will brighten the room and make it feel more spacious and open. Opt for glossy white tiles to expand the space and allow light to reflect even more.

Glass Dividers/Panels

A windowless bathroom doesn't need more solid walls, it needs glass divides that will reflect light and open up the space. There is a huge range of glass shower panels available rather than a shower curtain that blocks the light from travelling through.

Add Greenery

There may be no window to let the light pour in, but you can still bring the outdoors in with natural elements and greenery. Adding some low-maintenance house plants to any spare surface space will not only add a natural pop of colour, it will make you forget you even have a windowless bathroom!

Reduce Clutter

Even if you have great lighting and plenty of reflective surfaces, having a cluttered bathroom can make the space appear darker and smaller. Be smart with your storage and opt for basin units and mirrored cabinets to keep your belongings out of sight, but still at easy reach.

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