Black Is The New... Black

Monochrome bathrooms offer sophistication and a timeless appeal that ensure one of the most used rooms in your home is consistently stylish. You can be as bold or as simple as you like with monochrome styling, and we are welcoming the resurgence of black in modern bathrooms with open arms.

Adding dark elements into a bathroom may seem daunting for some, but if it’s done in a smart way that suits the shape and style of the overall design, dark hues will make a space luxuriously refined and a pleasure to be in. We’re sharing our top tips for incorporating black into your bathroom and how a monochrome bathroom can be the perfect alternative that incorporates the trend.

Black Bathroom Walls

If you want to be bold, black bathroom walls are the way to go. Many people think a small bathroom shouldn’t be dark, but actually it can be and still look great. It’s all about how you utilise the space and what other elements you incorporate with the dark hues such as the use of tiles. If you do choose dark black bathroom tiles, you can opt for a glossy variation to help reflect the light around the room or add mirrors to brighten the room. Alternatively, if you have a sizable bathroom, the natural light during the day should be enough to brighten the space.

Matt Black Fixtures & Fittings

If you look for bathroom inspiration on Pinterest, you will be greeted with a sea of pictures featuring matt black fixtures and fittings. From shower heads and taps to towel rails and accessories, matt black is effortlessly sleek and when paired with bright white or grey tiles, it looks elegantly modern.

Mixing Black with Metallic Finishes

Black tiles or products paired with metallic fixtures and fittings such as chrome and copper create a stunning contrast that adds opulence to a space.

Monochrome Styling

Monochrome styling is great if you don’t want to be too bold with the addition of black into your bathroom. Monochrome styling using black and white is the perfect alternative, as you can design using traditional white ceramic products with bright or natural tiles, and use black fixtures, fittings or accessories to add interest and luxury.

Here at BathroomsByDesign, we have a whole host of products to help you achieve your dream bathroom from tiles to units to fixtures. Our European Tiles Slabs in Black are great to be used on the floor or walls and create a stunning contemporary look. If you want to add black fixtures, products such as our Reina Diva Towel Rail are great to make a real statement in a modern, monochrome styled bathroom.

If you would like to arrange a free design consultation with our bathroom experts to discuss incorporating black elements into your bathroom, or for any other design queries, get in touch today – we’d love to help!