The coronavirus (COVID-19) has officially become a worldwide pandemic, and governments across the globe are continuously warning the public of necessary measures to take to ensure the risk of spread is minimal. Caution has been advised should you begin to develop symptoms of coronavirus – thoroughly washing your hands to self-isolation and social distancing in the most extreme cases. Although washing your hands will help improve hygiene and lessen the risk of the spread, viruses like COVID-19 can still cling to surfaces and clothes.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home and regularly used throughout the day, and although you’re not guaranteed to disinfect every surface completely, there are preventative tips which can go a long way in keeping your bathroom clean and clear of the dreaded coronavirus. Germ hotspots and bathrooms should be cleaned frequently rather than once a week for example, which is why we’ve created a short guide detailing which household products can be useful in keeping areas free of the coronavirus. 

“Scrub like you’ve got sticky stuff on the surface and you really need to get it off”!

Soap & Water

Washing your hands thoroughly is vitally important and one of the main instructions which everyone has been advised to do on a regular basis. On this basis, friction from scrubbing soap and water on surfaces such as countertops, brassware, toilet seats, and other bathroom areas will significantly reduce the risk of coronavirus from lingering and spreading to you and other surfaces. Alcohol Solutions Any solutions with at least 70% alcohol are known to be effective against the coronavirus. Alcohol is great for most, if not all bathroom surfaces, although it is recommended to not use on some plastics as it can discolour them.

Disinfectant Wipes

Door knobs, shower and cabinet handles, taps, shower handsets, remote controls, toilet seats – these are all parts of the bathroom which are either touched or used every day. People may be complacent to relentlessly cleaning areas in their home as they are in public places. But to fight coronavirus, we should ensure we treat both our homes and public areas in the same manner. Disinfectant wipes are incredibly efficient to use to frequently to keep these areas cleansed and clean, to fight off any germs and bacteria. Disposable Cloths It’s recommended to use disposable cloths where possible, unless you are sufficiently disinfecting reusable cloths by washing them at 60C (140F) after each use.

Keeping Baths, Showers, Basins Clean

Most of us will be using the bathtub, toilet, shower, and basin everyday so it is vital to keep these areas clean before and after use. The NHS recommend using disinfectant if any of these areas have been used by someone’s who’s already ill. Clean shower trays frequently and if your shower hasn’t been used in a while, we recommend running hot water for a few minutes before use.

Tiles & Grout

As with most parts of the bathroom, floor and wall tiles should also be regularly cleaned to fight off bacteria and viruses. When mopping floor tiles, we recommend using two buckets: one bucket for detergent and the other for rinsing. Always ensure both mops and buckets are thoroughly cleaned and dried after use. Another natural way to clean grout is to use 3 parts bicarbonate soda and 1-part water, leave for 15 mins, and then scrub the grout between the tiles and rinse.

The bathroom is a hotbed for germs, and to fight the potential risk of the coronavirus reaching our homes, we recommend following these steps to ensure your bathroom stays clear of germs and remains risk-free for everyone who uses it. Regular cleaning and wiping down of surfaces will significantly reduce any chance of the COVID-19 virus from spreading, and it will also give you peace of mind that your home is clean and a safe zone for yourself and the family.

For more information on preventing germs from spreading, please visit the following NHS link: