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To build Ecosan toilets for 552 children of RSMA Government Higher Secondary School in Theerthanagiri, India

All of the 522 children studying at RSMA Government Higher Secondary School in Theerthanagiri are from very poor backgrounds. They belong to the lowest, most disadvantaged groups in India, and their families depend entirely on the agricultural season for their earnings.

In 2002, the Government Sanitation Programme funded a sanitary block for girls, which is currently in very bad condition. With cracks in the roof and walls, this decaying building could fall at any time. Another small block was constructed later in 2012, under the CSR programme from Myveli Lignite Corporation (MLC). Only teachers and administrative staff use this sanitary block, which means that there are no sanitary facilities for the boys who attend this school, and unusable facilities for the girls.

To ensure clean and safe sanitation is available to everybody at this school, and to prevent these children from contracting deadly diseases, we plan to demolish the collapsing sanitary block and build two new sanitary blocks in its place; one for girls and one for boys. Each block will include toilets, urinals, and a washroom with an incinerator. We will also provide water facilities and washbasins for handwashing.

Help the 270 boys and 252 girls who attend this school!

Together we can help save lives, One toilet at a time