A bathroom renovation project is both exciting and rewarding, but can seem a little daunting too. Although no two projects are the same, the key to a smooth and successful journey is planning and preparation. We’ve asked two professional bathroom installers, Teammax and Elite Homes, to answer some common questions to help you be better informed about what to expect and how to plan for your bathroom renovation project.

Q1. How easy is it to change a bathroom layout?
While each project is unique, in most cases it is possible to move plumbing and fittings around. Changing a bathroom layout is often achievable. It’s a matter of good design and planning.It may seem daunting, but it’s important to create a good design with an optimal layout that works for you. The positioning of the toilet is usually more tricky to change. Key elements to consider are the location of the soil stack and direction of floor joists.

Doors and windows can be moved to give you more freedom to position your bathroom items where they most naturally fit in the space, however the costs involved should be provisionally agreed with your installer before committing to a design with doors and windows repositioned.

Q2. How long does it take to install a new bathroom?
This depends on the size of the room and the work to be carried out. Typically, a small bathroom renovation can take approximately 10 days and a large bathroom renovation can take up to 20 days. The installation process consists of demolition and disposal, framing, plumbing, electrical work, fitting the bathroom components, tiling, and other decorative work. 

In any case, your installer or contractor should be able to give you a clear indication of how long a project is due to take based on your design and specific requirements.

Q3. Will you dispose of the old bathroom?
Most installers will dispose of your old bathroom fittings and waste, with skip hire or dump costs factored in.

Q4. Will the rest of the property be protected during the installation?
The procedure for keeping the rest of your property protected while renovating your bathroom may vary depending on the installation company you choose, but all should do whatever it takes to prevent any damage, including protection of doorways, floors, and all other relevant surfaces, however it is important to remove any valuable belongings from the areas where work is being carried out. If any accidents occur, insurance should be in place with your builder so please check before the start of the project

Q5. Will there be a working toilet while the bathroom is being renovated?
If you are living at the property during the project and only have one toilet, you may be without that facility for a number of days. Speak to your installer and they may be able to temporarily fit a toilet at the end of each day. Another option is to hire a portaloo

If there are more than one WCs in the property, most installers will uninstall the old toilets in stages so that you have at least one working toilet throughout the project.

Q6. How can a homeowner help to make the process as quick and efficient as possible?
Good communication and planning leads to a smooth and successful project. Other more practical things the homeowner can do to help are obtaining parking permits and any necessary licences as well as making sure that there is a safe space for building materials and tools. It is good practice to inform your neighbours about the work that will be done and to avoid the work site throughout.

Q7. What are common misconceptions about bathroom installations?
Some clients may think that they have to stick with the current layout they have, which isn’t necessarily the case. Another misconception is that dust isn’t going to be an issue when renovating a bathroom, as even with the most meticulous room sealing with dust sheets will not entirely prevent some dust from spreading across the property.

However one of the biggest misconceptions is that a bathroom renovation won’t add any value to a home, but in reality it is a great investment.

Q8. What is your top tip for a successful bathroom renovation?
Find a professional to help you with each aspect of your project, from the design and supply of your goods through to the installation. It is important to source your goods from a reputable supplier to make sure the quality is good.

Invest your time in planning your dream bathroom and prioritise practicality and functionality. Renovating a bathroom is an investment for years to come, so it’s very important that you do it properly and avoid any unnecessary extra costs on remedial works later on.

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