Looking to give your bathroom a luxurious makeover without breaking the bank? We want to make luxury bathroom design accessible, so we’ve put together some useful tips and key design principles that will help you create a luxe look tailored to your budget.

It’s no secret that a bathroom is an investment that can have a major impact on your home and well-being. Bathrooms have always been one of the most functional rooms in the home, but homeowners are now increasingly looking for ways to design their bathroom in an aesthetically pleasing way so they have a place to completely unwind at the comfort of their own home. To create a luxurious bathroom design that works with any budget, it is crucial that you understand and balance your costs, maximise the space by planning the ideal layout, and avoid cheap solutions that will turn into expensive mistakes.

Balance your budget with your needs
When it comes to home improvement projects, it is important to determine your budget early on as this often dictates the design possibilities. One of the best ways to create an affordable luxury bathroom design is to balance your costs with your needs and preferences. This often means mixing more affordable fixtures and fittings with some more expensive features that will create a wow factor and elevate the overall look and feel of the room. Ask yourself what a luxury bathroom is worth to you and assess your needs while also considering the most important aspects of the bathroom.

Get your layout and colour scheme right
Carefully considering the best layout and colour scheme are important design principles that can truly transform your space into a beautiful, long-lasting bathroom that functions the way you want it to, no matter the room size or budget.

Understand your layout options and make the best use of the space by considering best practices such as how much space you need between the different components to be able to move around and use the bathroom comfortably. Use the existing plumbing where possible, as rearranging pipework significantly can add extra installation costs.

It is sensible to seek professional advice when planning a bathroom renovation and with our 3D design service, choosing the right layout and colour scheme is quick, easy and enjoyable!

Avoid cheap, short-term solutions
Although you might be looking to keep the costs as low as possible, it is important that you look beyond just the price of materials and products. You want your new bathroom to last and going cheap can cause you problems in the future, resulting in unnecessary extra costs.

Choosing products that will stand the test of time is the smarter, more sustainable choice, and luckily good quality materials and products are not always the most expensive options.

What does luxury mean to you?
When designing your bathroom and working out where to spend and where to save, you should think about what ‘luxury’ means to you. Is it a rainfall shower head, a freestanding bathtub or perhaps a specific colour or finish rather than the product itself?

To spark some inspiration, here are some of our top tips and affordable ideas on how you can achieve a luxurious look in your bathroom:

  1. Large tiles
    While the exact size of the ideal tile depends on your room size and shape, slightly larger wall and floor tiles often make your bathroom feel bigger. Larger tiles also minimise the grout lines, which can improve the flow and can help create a more seamless look.

    Marble is often associated with luxury, so why not choose a marble-effect porcelain tile to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom without the high maintenance and cost of natural marble?

  1. Don’t rule out paint
    Paint can instantly refresh and brighten up your bathroom in a cost-efficient way. While some of the walls, particularly those in wet areas like your shower, need to be tiled, introducing (half) painted walls can complement the overall look of your room and give the appearance of a larger space. Another more recent trend is a painted bathroom ceiling, which can help create a more visually interesting design with depth.

  1. No bath, no problem
    While having a shower and bath combination has been a popular choice in many bathrooms, a lot of homeowners are now opting for a large walk-in shower to upgrade their space. The minimalist look and feel of a walk-in shower with a single glass panel separating the shower from the rest of the room is not only a more cost-efficient solution, it also offers a more premium shower experience. 

  1. Be smart about storage
    Minimalist and clutter-free spaces are often associated with luxury, so be smart about storage and make sure that you have a place to hide your bathroom essentials. A basin vanity-unit or mirror cabinet are both great options that allow you to store items out of sight, but within reach.

  1. Splash out on taps
    Bathroom taps are practical components that need to be reliable and stand the test of time, so it is important that you carefully consider your pieces of brassware. Aside from being practical, your bathroom taps can also be a stylish feature; choosing brassware in something other than the standard chrome finish - such as brushed brass or brushed black - will elevate your overall design and provide a more luxury and high-end finish to your bathroom.

  1. Art and accessories
    For a more curated and therefore more luxurious appearance in your bathroom, consider wall art and final touches such as a large mirror, a new set of fluffy towels and reed diffuser sticks to stimulate your senses. When picking out wall art, stick with similar pieces to the ones you would place in a living space for a warmer, more opulent look.

We believe that all bathrooms deserve a touch of luxury, whether that’s through a colour scheme, large tiles, a walk-in shower, or even some carefully picked out wall art. Start by gathering ideas and inspiration, then determine what luxury means to you and get an understanding of what works for your space and your budget. 

Designing a luxury bathroom tailored to your needs and budget has never been simpler with our 3D design service and virtual reality experience. Book your free design consultation here and you’ll be matched with one of our dedicated designers who can help co-design your perfect bathroom.