To choose the right basin for your bathroom is a matter of practicality and a basin which is suited to your bathroom’s dimensions. With so many basin options to choose from, it’s recommended to decide what specific requirements your basin and bathroom need; does it require a vanity unit for storage? Is your bathroom large enough to accommodate a His & Her feature with a double basin? Or do you require a cloakroom basin which can be easily installed into the corner of a bathroom? The choices are endless, and we look at some of the most important decisions to make when selecting the basin which will be perfect for your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Basins

Basins can be installed in many ways, so a wall mounted option is ideal if you’re looking to maximise the space in a smaller bathroom. Wall mounted basins are available in a variety of sizes and styles, with brands such as Faeber, Crosswater, Burlington and Saneux providing wall hung options for both modern and traditional bathrooms. Wall mounted basins also give you the option to incorporate towel bars underneath for a perfect place to hang hand towel for extra convenience to improve your daily routine. A great advantage of installing a wall mounted basin along with other wall hung fixtures like a WC and storage units is how floor tiles are given greater freedom to shine. Although pipework will be exposed beneath the basin, there are many bathroom products such as bottle traps which will ensure any pipework is given a more elegant and sleek aesthetic.

Countertop Basins (Sit-On Bowls)

Countertop Basins or Sit-On Bowls are beautifully styled and are guaranteed to add a contemporary and luxurious feel to your bathroom. Countertop basins are designed to sit upon a countertop or vanity unit and can be complimented by a monobloc basin tap but work well with wall mounted or freestanding tap options. If storage is a priority, countertop basins are perfect for placing atop of a vanity unit to enhance the practicality within the bathroom and also keep any pipework out of sight. Or simply choose to install a sit-on bowl on a countertop for a boutique hotel like appearance.

Furniture Basins (Recessed & Semi-Recessed)

The most practical and storage efficient basin option for any bathroom is a furniture basin. Furniture basins are a combination of a basin and vanity unit to deliver greater storage options for the bathroom. With a plethora of designs to choose from, the difficult decisions is whether your bathroom can accommodate a furniture basin and the importance of storage. Basins can be recessed or semi-recessed into the vanity unit and whether you opt for a Faeber, Burlington or Crosswater furniture unit, these basins options give you greater freedom to match units with other storage units within the room. Ideal for enhancing the practicality within the bathroom to improve your daily routine whilst keeping everyday essentials and toiletries out of sight and stored neatly away.

Pedestal Basins (Semi & Full Pedestal)

Pedestal Basins have a very familiar aesthetic and have been amongst the most common bathroom features in years gone by. Pedestal basins consist of a basin which is mounted against a wall and supported by a robust stand. As designs and manufacturing processes have progressed over the years, pedestal basins have become more desirable and can be suited to both modern and traditionally inspired bathrooms. The advantages of installing a pedestal basin is how it convenient keeps pipework hidden to create a desirable appearance. Semi pedestal options are also available if you’re looking for a basin which maintains it’s timeless aesthetic but also saves bathroom space. With so many variations to a pedestal basin, choose from a ceramic base or a chrome frame to support the basin. A great choice to create an enduring bathroom appearance.

Corner Basins

Corner Basins are sleek and diminutive choices for compact bathrooms and cloakrooms. Wall-mounted to maximise space and designed to fit snug into a 90-degree corner space, corner basins can come with towel bars fitted or installed separately to enhance the practicality in the cloakroom and create a space-efficient room.