Designer bathrooms without the design flaws – that should be the aim whenever you’re looking to redesign your bathroom. But homeowners are still making the same mistakes with their bathroom refurbs. So, to avoid making those all too common bathroom faux pa’s, the following steps will help you determine the do’s and don’ts of a new bathroom upgrade.


AVOID the temptation to cram too much into your bathroom! There’s storage cabinets to suit all types and sizes of bathrooms which means less clutter is assured without compromising on practicality or style. Minimalist inspired bathroom furniture is a popular trend. Go for wall hung, floor mounted or back-to-wall furniture. There’s various ways to avoid the temptation to go bathroom furniture crazy! Key Tip: Less is more!

Going Like-for-Like

No two bathrooms are ever the same and more often than not you’ll end up overspending when upgrading your bathroom to look exactly like the luxury bathrooms you see in plush hotels and celebrity magazines. The bathroom should be unique and it should be your own. There are a plethora of bathroom fixtures and accessories to help create a particular style without the need to spend a fortune. Luxury CAN be affordable! But style and character is priceless.

Poor Lighting

Lighting can be the difference between a functional bathroom and one which reduces the capabilities of what you can and cannot do in the room. The right lighting will transform the mood of your bathroom as well as its functionality. Recessed and marker lights are popular as they are subtle yet effective, and will transform the ambience within your bathroom. Key Tip: Make full use of any natural light from windows.

Don't Install Features Your Bathroom Can't Support

It may look stylish and lavish, but what’s the point of installing a bathroom fixture which you can’t use to its full potential? Showers require a minimum bar pressure to function correctly so unless the water pressure in your home is of a certain level, there’s no use in wasting your money on the top of the range shower kit you’ve been eyeing up, your shower experience will only be a disappointment! Key Tip: For an optimum shower performance, find out the water supply and pressure in your home before you buy.

Not Asking For Advice

ALWAYS ask an expert’s advice when redesigning or upgrading your bathroom. It may seem simple enough but revising an existing floor plan or adding new fixtures to your bathroom does require a certain level of expertise. The involvement of a design expert will help you make all the right decisions and turn your ideas into reality in the most feasible way. They will also advise on the best products available within your budget to transform your vision into the dream bathroom. Key Tip: BathroomsByDesign offer a free home survey, free consultation with a design expert, and a remote design service, enabling you to design and view your bathroom in 3D in 5 simple steps.