In recent years, technology has continued to advance at an unprecedented rate, presenting more opportunities than ever before to integrate technology into the home! And it would seem that the possibilities are truly endless when it comes technology in the most unexpected living environments, after a recent study revealed that facial recognition in the bathroom is set to be the most desirable technology of the future.

Within the next ten years, experts have predicted that homes around the world will boast facial recognition technology, according to new research, which surveyed more than 1,100 consumers.

But what is facial recognition technology?

Facial recognition technology in the bathroom will not only allow home owners to set their preferred lighting when they enter their bathroom, but it will also allow them to pre set their preferred water temperature and pressure too!

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the home, not only as a source of sanitation but it is seen as a retreat where many of us escape to for a healthy dose of peace and tranquillity after a stressful day at work, a hard workout in the gym, or even just to find a moment of calm away from the noise of everyday life.

With this in mind, you can see why technology in the bathroom has continued to increase in popularity, with new innovations constantly cropping up! And, with many of the participants surveyed stating that their current bathroom was out-dated in terms of design and technology, it would seem that the desire for new innovative technology for the bathroom is currently at an all time high! We revealed that Marriott Hotel was to begin testing the “smart shower door” – a shower door which acts as a giant canvas for you to jot down notes or ideas whilst in the shower. So even the big hotel chains are taking the leap and trialling new tech in bathrooms.

Of course, this consumer appetite for new and exciting bathroom technology has sparked a whole host of ground-breaking innovations that look set to become a familiar sight in bathrooms throughout the UK and beyond.

So what can you expect to see in the next decade?

  • Face recognition – As we have already mentioned this is set to be [potentially] huge. Using your pre-set personal settings, a face recognition system will automatically adjust the water temperature, lighting and pressure based on your preferred requirements.
  • A shower voice device – there’s nothing worse than realising half way through your morning beauty regime that you have ran out of shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser or toothpaste, right? With a shower voice device, you will be able to add all your favourite lotions, potions and essentials to your digital shopping list so that you never forget to pick them up at the shops when they are running low.
  • A pep-talking mirror! - We all have our down days when your hair just won’t go into place, a blemish appears on your face on the day of an all important meeting or no matter how many times you put your eyeliner on, you just can’t achieve the perfect flick! And on these occasions, wouldn’t it be great to have a pep talking mirror that gives you advise on outfits and beauty tips? Well this is what the future holds.

Can you see any of these catching on? What does the future hold for bathroom technology?

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