While digital technology and “smart” appliances have become commonplace throughout the rest of the home, they haven’t yet been used extensively in the bathroom. However, things are changing and there are now a variety of ways in which such technology is being integrated into the bathroom.

Our bathrooms are typically places of comfort, where we perform many of our most intimate daily routines. Consequently, they’ve long been associated with relaxation, down-time and, as an interesting by-product, creative thinking. Many people – including Archimedes and Einstein, perhaps - believe they do their best thinking and have their biggest ideas whilst in the bathroom. So, it makes a great deal of sense to begin employing technology in the bathroom that helps us relax, enhances our enjoyment and makes the most of our intellectual capacities.

Smart canvas shower door

In a big leap forward, the Marriott hotel chain has begun testing a “smart” shower door that allows its guests to note down thoughts and ideas whilst in the shower. The door works as a giant canvas. Users can write, draw and doodle in the condensation that accrues on the door, then save the idea and send it to their email for later use. This development is part of a concerted effort to implement greater amounts of technology in the bathroom to improve their guests’ experience. 


Future of “smart” bathrooms

Other instances of “smart” technology being applied in the bathroom includes virtual assistants that are able to start showers at a requested temperature, motion sensors that lift and close toilet lids, touchless tap technology, LCD shower screens that control water temperature and other environmental factors, and waterproof televisions. In all cases, this technology is being used to make bathrooms more enjoyable, hygienic or easier to use. The future of the “smart” bathroom seems to be an environment in which everything is controllable and user experience is streamlined, simple and enjoyable.


Our “smart” bathroom fixtures

At BathroomsByDesign, we’ve also embraced the digital revolution and now stock a variety of fixtures that make the most of digital technology. Both the Vado and Crosswater branded digital thermostats are available for purchase online and in-store. These state-of-the-art thermostats utilise digital technology to monitor the temperature of the water, ensure there are no hot or cold surges, and let you know when the shower is at your desired temperature.   

We’ve also worked hard to develop our unique and useful Virtual Reality (VR) Viewer App. This wonderful piece of technology allows you to immerse yourself in your bathroom designs and understand exactly how it would work when applied to your home. Users can mark their favourite designs for later reference, share or they can be used to guide your own design process.

Digital technology has an important role to play in creating the bathrooms of the future and, here at BathroomsByDesign, we’re committed to developing our own expertise, stocking the leading products in the industry, and creating the finest “smart” bathrooms the future has to offer.