The toilet is an essential part of any bathroom, so choosing the right design for you is important. It may seem like a standard fixture that is simple to choose from, but there are so many shapes, styles and sizes available. We’ve put together a simple guide, detailing the different toilet types available for your bathroom.

Close Coupled Toilets

The most classic toilet silhouette, a close coupled toilet consists of a pan with the cistern fitted on top. Typically, this type of toilet will have a lever handle, or a dual flush button located on the cistern. With a vast array of styles available, you can find closed-coupled toilets to suit all bathrooms whether they’re contemporary or traditional. In general, this is the cheapest option in terms of the product itself and installation, which is why they are a popular choice with many homeowners. The only drawbacks to a close coupled WC is if you’re looking to maximise bathroom space; other WC options may be more suited. Classic in design and a dependable choice.

Wall Hung Toilets

Expertly hung on a concealed frame, a wall hung toilet has a hidden cistern which is operated by a flush plate. Often fitted in contemporary bathrooms, this type of toilet projects a smart and minimalist aesthetic, giving the impression of added space. They also have the extra convenience for fitting and maximising bathroom floor space. One of the most popular WC types, the wall hung toilet is a popular choice with a lot of our customers due to its practicality.

Back to Wall Toilets

Saving space and offering a contemporary design element to the bathroom, back to wall toilets are designed to conceal the cistern behind wall space or a furniture unit. This style of toilet offers a neat finish and the illusion of a less cluttered bathroom. They are quite often cheaper than a wall hung toilet as they don’t require the same type of support frame.

In each category of toilet type, you will find different shapes from rounded to square and styles for both contemporary or traditional bathrooms. You will also discover that some toilets are more efficient than others. If you’re looking for a eco-friendlier option, you may want to consider low-flush toilets that require less water to be used with each flush.

You can also opt for a smart toilet if you want to upgrade and tailor your toilet to your needs and add a cutting-edge dynamic to your bathroom. If a smart-toilet with automatic flush, lights, self-deodorisers and many other innovative features isn’t for you, you can choose other comfort features such as a soft-closing or heated seat.

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