If you’re planning to fit an ensuite bathroom into your loft conversion, you may stumble across a few problems when designing or planning out the space. As it’s not your typical shaped room with straight vertical walls, you have to think outside the box and work with the slanted ceiling rather than against it. To help when planning your dream loft bathroom, we’ve identified some common problems and how best to solve them.

I Don’t Want the Small Space to Feel Cluttered

Bathrooms in loft conversions are likely to be smaller than a main bathroom, but that doesn’t mean to say the space will look cluttered. Opt for a wall-mounted basin, toilet and vanity unit to open up more space, giving the illusion of a bigger room. You can also add mirrored cabinets to store bathroom products and keep surfaces clean and organised, while also reflecting light around the room.

The Slanted Ceiling is Hard to Design Around

Work with the awkward angles to create something that works for you. Again, fitting concealed wall-mounted products can be great for loft bathrooms as it provides a ledge or shelf in which you can store daily essentials. You can arrange for bespoke products to be made such as cabinets to neatly fit into the angle, or simply fit shelves in line with the wall.

It’s Hard to Fit a Full Size Shower in Without Taking Over the Complete Room

Rather than looking at complete shower enclosures, consider designing a wet room with a single glass panel. This will brighten and open up the room with your floor tiles seamlessly running across the whole bathroom and remove the need for a step in to the shower.

A Door Takes Up a Lot of Space

You don’t have to fit a standard door into your loft bathroom. Look at alternatives such as sliding doors. A swinging door can take up important space or limit the style of products you can choose from.

The Bathroom Will Be Too Small

When designing your loft conversion, think about the space needed for your bathroom and the space needed for the adjacent room. Just because you are designing an ensuite doesn’t mean it needs to be cramped and small. Make bedrooms that little bit smaller if the space permits and create a bathroom that is a pleasure to use each day.

I’m Concerned About Head Height

There can be a lack of head height in loft conversions, so you need to plan wisely and be strategic about where you fit windows. Roof windows are ideal fitted above toilets and showers to give the head room that is required and ensure you don’t feel like you have to hunch over. You could also look into dormer windows for even more head space.

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