Location: Bradley Gardens, Ealing
Type: Main Bathroom 
Designer: Rupert

The bathroom is one of the busiest spaces in your home, and is often the living space that many of us retreat to at the end of the day to relax and unwind in the tub, enjoy a refreshing shower or enjoy a much needed pamper session. With this in mind, your bathroom should not only be functional and durable, but it should also be stylish, inviting and equipped with everything you need to truly make the most of this space.

We recently transformed this client’s main bathroom at a property in Ealing, creating a stunning family bathroom that accommodates the bespoke needs of all the family. Bringing together clean simple lines and stunning contemporary fixtures and fittings, this bathroom features a Bette Ocean inset bathtub with a Showerlab bath screen, allowing the client to choose from a soak in the tub or an invigorating shower. A wall-mounted Crosswater Design basin and Glide II basin unit is complimented with the Crosswater Mike Pro wall-mounted basin mixer in matt black, creating a monochrome effect which is demonstrated by the installation of a Crosswater Mike Pro shower kit, shower arm and shower head, also in matt black.

The addition of the Reina diva heated towel rail adds yet another luxurious dimension to the bathroom space, allowing you to enjoy a warm, cosy bathroom environment during the winter months, when there really is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a warm towel after stepping out the tub or shower.

Aesthetically, this bathroom is also incredibly inviting, offering modern décor, with the addition of colourful artwork that adds an exciting focal point to the space. The European Tiles Calcatta wall and floor tiles also populate this bathroom and complement and enhance the fixtures and fittings with ease.

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