It goes without saying that the bathroom is one of the most idyllic rooms in your home. It’s your natural refuge to wind down and relax after a hard day at work but also the place you prepare yourself for the day ahead. But how do you create an ambience which is guaranteed to increase comfort and bring out the best of your bathroom space?

Work with your bathroom and not against it!

Natural light should be embraced and never hidden. It’s a natural quality which is envied in most bathrooms and homes in general so let it dictate the appearance and tone of your bathroom. Find a balance. Recessed lights will be perfect for the evening; during the day, let nature go to work!

Scented candles are a popular choice in most bathrooms. Certain aromas are known to help alter your mood and reduce stress and anxiety so candles are a no-brainer when trying to create a relaxing aura. Perhaps adding some chilled-out music to compliment the mood. Creating a soothing atmosphere needn’t be expensive nor unfeasible. It can be as simple as lighting a candle!

Warmth is essential as winter approaches. Imagine a world without underfloor heating! It doesn’t bear thinking about. With underfloor heating readily available and easy to install, the blissful warmth which is generated will transform the sensation and feel of your bathroom. No longer will you have to worry about leaving your bath or shower to meet an ice-cold floor! Alternatively, a stunning heated towel rail will be as effective as any other heating installation. A bold selection from the likes of Reina or Bisque may just be what you need.

Now this may sound obvious but keeping your bathroom clean and clutter-free is a sure-fire way of amplifying the ambience in your bathroom. The minimalist-inspired look has been an extremely popular look due to how it keeps your bathroom maintained and spacious. These Bauhaus units are a perfect example of maximising the potential of your bathroom and creating a seamless, contemporary look and feel.

Colour can also play a key factor when trying to create ambience. Lighter colours will increase the light within your bathroom whilst darker hues will create a tranquil mood which is unique yet captivating in a contemporary bathroom setting. Whether its tiles or paint, there’s an abundant choice of patterns and tones which are perfect for your bathroom and the mood you’re trying to create.

Creating a relaxing mood has never been easier with the array of options available for your bathroom. So, don’t be afraid to experiment! Find out what works for you and you’ll not only create an enchanting ambience, you’ll maximise your bathing experience for years to come.