The importance of a basin tap should never be underestimated as it’s the small details which can create a lasting impression and your dream bathroom. With so many choices available it can be difficult to choose the right tap for your bathroom. It can be dependent on the basin type too and how you would like it to function. We take a look at the various basin tap options available suitable for all bathroom types to give you a better indication on how to complement your basin and the rest of the brassware featured in your bathroom.

Monobloc Basin Mixer Taps

Monobloc Basin Mixer Taps are amongst the most common basin mixers available for modern bathrooms. A monobloc denotes the base of the tap and whether it’s moulded from a single piece of brass during the manufacturing process. The “mixer” means that hot and cold water flows from a single spout which is controlled by a lever. Basins can determine the type of basin tap you choose as one-hole basins will accommodate a monobloc basin mixer tap whereas with two-hole basins will not. Monobloc basin mixer taps are a popular choice due to their timeless appeal and minimalistic style. These styles of taps will also offer greater water efficiency and temperature control due to the single lever function.

Wall Mounted Basin Taps

As with most wall hung fixtures, Wall mounted basin taps will help save space around the basin area and bathroom. Trendy and available in a number of finishes. Wall mounted basin taps offer exceptional functionality and practicality, providing your bathroom with a contemporary look and feel. These taps are perfect for combining with a sit-on bowl and countertop basins to create a sleek appearance. Important considerations such as spout projection are good to understand as the position on your basin will determine whether the choice of wall mounted tap you’ve chosen is ideal for the basin you’ve selected.

Freestanding Basin Taps

Ideal for countertop basins and sit-on bowls, Freestanding Basin Taps are guaranteed to add a luxurious minimalist appeal to your bathroom. Countertop space is essential to make the most of your freestanding basin tap so you should ensure there is no other clutter around your basin which will affect the aesthetic appeal of your wash area. Consider base diameter and spout projection when choosing a freestanding basin tap to suit the style of your basin.

3 Hole Deck Mounted Basins Taps

3 Hole Deck Mounted Basin Taps are most often associated with traditional bathrooms. Only 3-hole basins will accommodate a 3-hole deck mounted basin tap so it’s always recommended checking whether your basin can have one installed. Brands such as Crosswater and Burlington have a fantastic range of 3-hole deck mounted basin taps, with styles ranging from vintage-inspired and cutting-edge angular designs to suit modern bathroom settings.