Everybody loves a good shower and there’s nothing better than finding a shower that really relaxes you, but what if a shower could be more beneficial to your health at the same time? Though steam showers are already extremely popular, many people aren’t aware of the range of benefits they have. If you’re looking for a new bathroom or you’re interested in how a shower can have a positive impact on your body, a steam shower could be ideal. Here are some of the top ways a steam shower can supercharge your health, it can:


Help With Circulation

As a steam shower and a steam generator creates an increased temperature, your body will experience a widening of the blood vessels and a lack of vascular resistance. This increases the rate of blood flow and improves circulation around the body.


Improve the Appearance of Skin

Steam is great for skin and it can improve its appearance considerably, with very little effort. The warmth and moisture found within the steam helps to open up your pores, allowing them to take in the vitamins and minerals needed to get that youthful glow.


Get Rid of Colds

Everyone’s been told that taking a hot shower can improve the symptoms of a cold, and there’s actually a lot of truth behind it. Steam can decrease the congestion and improve breathing often experienced when fighting a cold.


Help with Joint Pain

Relaxing your muscles is a good way to take the tension and pressure off of your joints, something that’s helped along by a steam shower.


Benefit Cardiovascular Health

Steam is a great tool for increasing your body’s breathing rate, as more air is taken in when your airways and lungs are opened up.


Decrease Stress

If you’re someone who heads into a hot shower when they need to take their mind off of things, you’re in for a treat with a steam shower. Steam showers have been linked to improving general mental wellbeing, relaxing the mind and reducing the signs of stress.


Rid the Body of Toxins

We’ve all heard of the elusive toxins that appear in our bodies, many of which can be removed through sweating. Hopping into a hot steam shower is a good way to remove toxins and chemicals.


Help with Workout Recovery

Steam can remove metabolic waste from muscles and in turn, this reduces the feeling of aches and tiredness after a workout.


Assist with Weight Loss

A hot steam shower can increase the body’s pulse rate and kick the cardiovascular system into gear, and this increases your metabolism. An increased metabolism can lead to weight loss.


At BathroomsByDesign, we understand the benefits of a designer bathroom. After all, who doesn’t want their new bathroom to look great and provide functional convenience? By adding a steam shower, such as the Helo T-Series Steam Generator with Touch Control, you’ll open up endless possibilities of creating a bathroom with restorative benefits, turning your room into a therapeutic haven – a truly healthy bathroom.