Just what is it that makes Axor’s collections extraordinary? The answer lies in understanding in how Axor views its designers. To Axor, designers are not just “suppliers”, they are artisans and collaborators, redefining how they view the bathroom space, and how their customers achieve their dreams of the ultimate luxury bathroom suite. Their collections are as unique as the individuals that designed them, ranging the gamut from upbeat post-modern living spaces to Zen-like environments that draw inspiration from nature. Working closely and always listening to their designers, they pride themselves on learning from them and creating great ideas to bring wonderful products to their customers. Here’s what Philippe Grohe, head of the Axor brand, has to say about the work they are doing: “The bathroom is changing from a place of hygiene to a place for living. This is partly attributable to our lifestyle habits. In the past, we had extremely close ties to nature. Now, our lives are dominated by an urban world and hectic everyday situations. We therefore have a growing need for a sense of tranquillity and a natural experience.” When you enter an Axor environment, you enter another world. You step outside of the stress of the modern world, and into a private retreat, a place to renew the spirit and delight the senses. Defy the ordinary. Step into the extraordinary dreams of Axor’s designers, brought to life by our manufacturing team with over a century of experience leading the field. Redefine your reality. Draw on the experience of some of the top designers in the world. Create harmonious spaces. Axor. Be extraordinary.
Both generously sized family bathrooms and compact cloakroom bathrooms can benefit from the bauhaus touch. Inspiring the most on-trend designer bathrooms out there, cutting edge collections from bauhaus continue to impress the most seasoned bathroom designers, whilst built with the endurance to last the test of time. Bauhaus understands that big families need big storage spaces, so bathroom furniture is spacious yet stylish. Whether your lifestyle suits on-the-go, easy-to-use simplicity, or a more luxury-soaked, avant-garde design, bauhaus has the answer to your bathroom needs. At BathroomsByDesign you will find bauhaus’ range of bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and washbasins, all developed with quality in mind. Each product is made from porcelain incorporating a distinctive vitreous clay and fine fireclay that has been designed and manufactured by genuine ceramic artisans in Civita Castellano, Italy. To ensure your bathroom functions as smoothly as possible, state of the art technology has been integrated into all collections. From LED lighting and infrared switches, speakers with Bluetooth® wireless technology, to demisting mirrors with built in digital clocks that will ensure you have the latest in bathroom design and the best in performance. But where bauhaus comes into its own is when we look at the added little touches. Wherever possible, bauhaus products are built to be multi-purpose. With a whole range of bauhaus products at BathroomsByDesign, when it comes to furnishing your new luxury bathroom, you’ll be spoilt for choice!
Bette was founded in 1952, by Günther Schlichtherle and Heinrich Bette. Fritz-Wilhelm Pahl joined the organisation in 1975, and stayed until 2012. From the first development of shower trays with extra flat showers, Bette has created a reputation for being an experienced enamelled steel manufacturer, and leading in the industry. Their ranges such as Bettecora (bath and shower combination), Bettefloor (first flush to floor shower tray), and the advancement of their exceptionally brilliant surface called Betteglaze, are prime examples of their exquisite product lines. With the introduction in 2011 of their Betteone range of bathing, showering and washing products, Bette has become at the forefront of modern bathroom design, and a champion of fine product design coupled with superior manufacturing processes. As well as the traditional rectangular, oval, and corner bath units, Bette harbors some extremely unusual and unique hexagonal, octagonal bath options for added style and design flair. They also have miniature bath suites for the smallest and most compact of bathrooms, which are perfect for en-suites, or even tiny under stair toilet rooms that regularly would not be able to house a shower or bath unit. If space is of the essence and you need something which fits in the tiniest of bathrooms, you may even choose one of the Betteart, Bettebowl, Bettebowl Monolith or the Bettebowl round that are amazing for guest bedrooms. Bette has a signature showroom at their premises in Delbrück, Germany, which showcases its elegant enameled titanium steel products which can be tested on site.
Bisque has been pioneering radiator design in the UK for over 30 years. Its team of four designers (Paul Priestman, Leo Salzedo, Francesco Dori and Mario Talin) work together to create visually stunning radiators for general use, bathroom and kitchen radiators, extractor fans, valves and accessories. The term ‘Designer Radiator’ was coined by Bisque in the UK and its philosophy and vision remains the same today as it did 30 years ago; to offer beauty but practicality in every product it makes. Exciting styles, colours and shapes is perhaps what Bisque is known best for. From the fantastically flamboyant to the rather sensible, Bisque offers over 40 styles of radiator. Hot off the press, Bisque products have been featured in magazines including ‘Good Homes’ and ‘The Sunday Times’. Bisque’s candy coloured Classic Radiators featured in the August edition of ‘Tatler’ magazine, and the lila coloured Classic Radiator made the ‘fuschia’ look bright in the ‘Sunday Express’! Despite the effort that has been put into styling these products, good quality and durability are always front of mind. All Bisque products have been manufactured to the highest UK and European standards. They are all fully tested by independent laboratories, meaning peace of mind for you that your pieces will last and last. We offer a variety of different Bisque products, including our Bisque double rail for kitchen radiator, which has been designed to complement the timeless look of an elegant space.
Catalano features the very finest Italian designs that will make your heart flutter. Each product is hand finished by skilled craftsmen in Italy, and you can literally feel the time, skill and energy that has gone into each finished product. Catalano offers all types of products to create that beautiful bathing environment, including wash basins, wall-hung bidets and WCs. The new Star collection of basins features meticulous geometric shapes. Each basin features the slimmest of walls, which is something that requires technical excellence. The Star range of basins offers various installation options, and the collection is completed with two sets of wall-hung WCs and bidets. The Zero range of basins features contemporary style mixed with minimalism. Open yourself up to individuality and consider featuring a Zero design as a statement piece in your bathroom. Zero basins provide total versatility and can be combined with Sfera WCs and bidets. Catalano’s collection of Verso short projection basins offers the widest range of dimensions and several installation opportunities. Designers were motivated by rigid, strict shapes and lines in the creation of Verso. Muse is a clever little collection. Both iconic and ingenious, it is full of soft shapes which speak to the soul. Shining bright in comparison to the competition, the Sfera range is characterised by a clean, pure brilliant white look that only the best ceramics can guarantee. New additions to the Sfera family are the 100 and 80 basins, noticeable by their slim walls and wide surfaces.
Stylish and well-known designer David Hance leads the creative team at Crosswater. Its all-encompassing range of distinctive brassware solutions – brought to you using the latest and most advanced modern techniques – is created with the designer bathroom in mind. Each and every designer in the Crosswater team has been carefully selected to ensure products are not only unique and innovative, but the materials that have been used are the best quality they can find. What is also important is that each and every piece functions in the right way, to fit with your lifestyle. Technique and new technology is where Crosswater comes into its own. Using the latest technology, such as quirky air infused showerheads and Cool Touch valves, Crosswater takes pride in the high design and innovation that is invested in its products. Crosswater likes to make your lives easier with cost-effective systems that work for you, and they want to make sure that they last. Durable yet stylish, it’s quality that shines through in our range of Crosswater brassware products. Crafted from high quality brassware that is long lasting and robust, Crosswater brassware collections are the perfect compliment to your designer bathroom that will still be looking great in years to come. Whether you're seeking a compact or statement solution, you'll find that Crosswater blend style, quality and function and reflect tastes that complement any modern or classic scheme.
Eau products are trusted by designers, plumbers and architects worldwide. If you look closely, Eau can be found in many high class establishments throughout Europe, the Middle East and America, and more particularly in the washrooms of hotels, 5 star restaurants and high quality office buildings. Basins, shower sets, toilet roll holders, bath accessories, and taps are included in the Eau range. Its bright chrome tap designs, finished with chunky square features and straight bold lines, make your bathroom fixtures look extremely exclusive, even if they are economical suites simply retrofitted with the Eau products. They are ideal fixtures for renovation projects that have a limited or tight budget, or for sprucing up a bathroom space without spending the earth. They are also perfect for new bathrooms or en-suites where aesthetics are an important feature but where a classy and traditional look is still required. Eau’s collections; Cascade; Ice; Oval and New Trend; are stunning pieces that would suit any interior space. Its unique mirror radiator is a statement piece which would look great in a hotel bathroom or boutique hotel. The mirror feature creates the illusion of extra space in your bathroom, but with the added benefit of being a hidden radiator as well! The Eau X-el Rain shower is a ceiling mounted shower with a sprinkling rain effect shower head, for the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility, which would not look out of place in a grand mansion house!
Faeber is a leading manufacturer of minimalist, modern bathroom furniture and basins that will bring a truly individual finish to the contemporary bathroom. Since their inception in Italy in 1980, Faeber has set out to make bathroom furniture from the highest quality materials and to the highest standards. with a luxury finish firmly in mind. Faeber furniture is a celebration of geometry, with clear, strong lines that are even more striking for their simplicity. Tto ensure the the basins are made of a solid surface , cast marble corian type material and are availble in Cloakroom, single and double basin configurations. Faeber offers an experimentation of color, materials and finishes and this means your bathroom can be as unique as you want it to be. Create your dream bathroom environment with Faeber and you will have a bathroom that scores as high on the style stakes as it does for its functional qualities. Soft-close doors and drawers are useful add-ons such as drawer organisers will ensure that your bathroom is as calm and organised behind the scenes as it luxurious on the surface.
Born out of a love for traditional and original Greek designs, and classic ceramic products, Galassia Spa began back in 1980 in the town of Corchiano, in the High Tuscia region of Italy. Galassia now serves a global market, from its two production plants, manufacturing over 450,000 products per year! With that amount of production and manufacturing work you may be led to think that the quality of design is compromised, however each of the Galassia pieces is crafted and moulded with love and superior attention to detail. With its core design team consisting of Antonio Pascale, David Dolcini, King & Miranda design and Romano Adolini, it is no wonder that the pieces are the ultimate in elegance and awe inspiring design of bathroom furnishings. Galassia’s range includes items such as washbasins, shower trays, W/C’s and toilets, towel rails, bidets and even modern style laundry baskets. With collections such as Meg, Armony, Feather, Kimi, Aster, Midas, Laverbi, you can see where the traditional comes together with the modern world. Installing a Galassia bathroom gives you peace of mind. The exceptional build quality, combined with its classic lines and smooth ceramic surfaces, gives homeowners the perfect solution for any bathroom. Galassia’s characteristic finish and aesthetically pleasing contours, means it is able to co-ordinate with any interior environment, in both domestic and commercial properties. Each piece would be ideal in a bathroom renovation project because of its perception of luxury surroundings and would also suit build projects or buy to let properties.
For a complete range of shower products, sanitaryware accessories, and more, Hansgrohe are one company you can rely on to provide you with everything you need to start creating the luxury bathroom of your dreams today. Whether you're looking for a new shower, a bath mixer, or even just some stunning new taps to finish off your stylish look, you will certainly be spoiled for quality choice when it comes to Hansgrohe. Hansgrohe are a German company who have captured the attention of customers all over the world and become known for their unbeatable quality that is expected from products carrying the respected "Made in Germany" label. As a company who have been around since 1901, Hansgrohe have continued to move with the times, innovating, not only with designs and trends, but with technology and materials to ensure that they remain true to their beliefs and values while doing their part for the environment. Hansgrohe products are the definition of quality and luxury, but can be perfectly added to everyday life so that you can equally see the practical benefits of products, such as showers and taps. Come and speak to a member of our dedicated team at our Richmond Surrey showroom today.
Kaldewei was founded in Ahlen, Germany in 1918, and since then has grown to one of the most reputable, well-loved manufacturers of bathroom products who export all around the world. Specialising in the production steel enamel shower trays, bath frames, whirl baths, and accessories, all crafted from 100% recyclable materials, the company pride themselves on, not only the highest quality and safety standards expected of German manufacturing, but also on innovative designs that allow consumers to create their very own tranquil haven. All products are created with pure luxury in mind, so whether you prefer a traditional English Bathroom with a classic look, or a designer hotel bathroom look, you can be assured that no matter what you choose from Kaldewei, your bathroom will look beautiful and be completely compatible with modern living. So, if you want to grab your own piece of 5-star luxury for your own home, visit us personally at our Richmond Surrey showroom where our friendly, knowledgable team of bathroom specialists will be happy to provide any assistance or any answer any questions you have.
It was 120 years ago in a small Swiss town of the same name that the Laufen brand was born. What began as a pottery factory has become one of the world’s most renowned producers of bathroom ceramics. Due to their technical expertise Laufen is able to mould ceramic into shapes and sizes that are simply not available from other manufacturers. Laufen are able to offer a sanitaryware solution for all shapes and sizes of bathrooms and at every price level, with quality guaranteed throughout. Laufen has won numerous Design Awards such as the IF Design Award , RED DOT Design AWard, Good Design AWards, Laufen has worked in collaboration with some of Europe’s leading design houses and Architects to create iconic sanitaryware. These include Stefano Giovannoni, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba , Peter Wirz., Phoenix design and Allessi. For Large bathrooms Laufen offers sanitaryware collections including Ilbagno Alessi One and Palace to give that grand luxuriouse bathroom look. If you have a small bathrom then saving space in the bathroom becomes very import. and Laufen have have the compact bathroom solution . Ensuite bathrooms would benefit from the compact Mimo bath and the short projection wall hung Laufen Pro toilet They have also recently introduceed short projection clokroom furniture and Basins. Each sanitaryware collection includes wall-hung and freestanding toilets, bidets and washbasins in a range of sizes, plus co-ordinating furniture and accessories for a streamlined finish. Laufen also offers a range of sanitaryware and furniture designed specifically for the children’s bathroom, FloraKids. Finally, Laufen brassware includes an innovative touch-free mixer tap that is both hygienic and water-saving. Laufen taps are produced by the famouse Oras Tap company. You can see Laufen bathrooms at our Showroom In Richmond Surrey.
As one of the leading designer shower makers on the market today, Matki provides high quality shower enclosures, bath screens, shower trays, thermostatic mixers and brassware. Style, innovation and durability are some of the values that guide Matki. With a wide range of styles and products available to the consumer, Matki can add value to any bathroom from high fashion luxury bathrooms to innovative bathroom additions. One of the many things Matki does exceptionally well is create elegant complete shower enclosure designs. Many of these designs are the pinnacle of minimalism in designer showers, featuring 5mm glass that elegantly allows the shower’s tile to shine through the enclosure like it almost isn’t there. These enclosures make a great addition to any luxury bathroom, giving the impression of being in a 5 star hotel and not in your home town English bathroom. All of Matki’s products feature high lustre anodised aluminium composition and chrome plated details. The glass in the enclosures is safety proof so that it causes minimal damage if broken. Matki glass comes in a variety of thickness ranging from 5mm to 10mm. Matki’s thermostatic mixers and brassware feature great temperature control and many different design shapes like circular or squared taps. You have many bathroom accessories to choose from with Matki products to add value to your bathroom’s décor, and really add to the feeling of exceptional luxury. For elegant and high-class design in any bathroom or home, look to Matki bath products for solutions to your bathroom decor needs.
Merlyn specialises in bringing innovative, contemporary and luxurious showering environments to designer bathroom consumers. With many customisable and valuable features, Merlyn brings a new level of style to shower enclosures. Choose between the different types of shower enclosure features -- including doors, shapes and ranges -- to design a shower enclosure that is unique to your bathroom. Merlyn ranges come in a variety of glass thicknesses and glass heights. For a more modern look, choose a thin glass that most transparently reveals the shower’s tiling. All Merlyn glass comes with safety features that minimise hazards if the glass breaks and Mershield Stayclear -- Merlyn’s hydrophobic layer on the glass that reduces the need for cleaning. Shower enclosure doors come in both sliding, pivoting, and folding features. Often the doors will pivot in multiple places, which is useful especially if you choose to place your shower enclosure in the corner of a room. Merlyn also offer bathscreens that cover half of a bathtub for showers with bathtubs, so you can still have that truly luxury look, no matter how much space you have to play with. You can choose from curved, square and wetroom shower shapes. Curved shower shapes work well in corners and with folding doors. Wetrooms are an innovative way to use thin glass for a minimalist and sleek look. As you can see, Merlyn lets the customer pick and choose which way to go with their bathroom so you get a designer bathroom that’s uniquely yours, and one that you will love to spend lots of time relaxing in.
Chosen for their quality and beauty, NoCode provides high quality Italian bathroom designed products. NoCode’s commitment to excellence in sanitary ware, baths, brassware, shower enclosures, shower trays, basins and bathroom furniture adds elegance to any designer bathroom décor; ensuring that each piece stands out in the best possible way to really create and emphasis on the luxury style of any bathroom. One of the products that NoCode does especially well with is baths. Customers can select from elegantly designed freestanding baths or insert baths. These baths meet high sustainability and environmental standards and will make a great addition to your designer bathroom NoCode features all kinds of brassware including square, oval, circle and cross top brassware and shower mixers. Most of its brassware features striking chrome finishes and some come equipped with detachable spray wands for you to wash your hair. In terms of shower taps and brassware, very few luxury bathroom manufacturers come close to matching NoCode’s combination of design and selection. The company offer gracious thermostatic shower taps that offer you a greater level of control over what temperature you set your shower to. NoCode shower taps come in many different shapes as well and feature varying water pressure levels. When you think of luxury bathrooms, consider the elegant design and quality products that NoCode provides. BathroomsByDesign are happy to assist you with choosing the perfect NoCode products to design a bathroom that provides the ultimate in luxury and quality that you expect from a top provider.
Form no longer follows function. Radiators are no longer bound to being a strictly functional concept; bathrooms are no longer places you need to visit, they are little sanctuaries, places to escape to; and heating has become the fantasy of the creator. During the past five years heating has fast become more exciting and innovative for our homes. It is no longer just the playground for professional designers. More and more people strive to achieve individuality and style to suit their homes and life style, whether it be a contemporary look or more classical period look, Reina designer radiators will appeal to all styles. Don’t underestimate the power of Reina to complete your designer bathroom. The contemporary radiators create the perfect focus point to suit rooms of the most diverse styles. The concept of Towel Radiators is defined in their refined and luminous qualities. The sleek lines and lightness naturally creates the appearance of space in small spaces, thus enhancing the size of a room. The classical period radiators create an appearance of luxury and grandeur and can create an exquisite centre piece. Quality and style is essential in today's challenging and sophisticated market. All Reina radiators come with a guarantee giving their customers peace of mind. They are 100% Stainless Steel, satin or polished mirror, hand made finished and work in all systems. With Reina become the creator of your own environment, and enjoy the power your imagination. Take control of your sanctuary. Forge a luxury bathroom experience in your own home.
Saneux looks to create spaces dedicated to relaxation, contemplation, comfort and washing. As a bathroom supplier with a wide variety of different products, the company gives every bathroom a distinctive feel. Toilets, basins, showers, shower enclosures, taps, brassware, baths, flushing systems and accessories are some of the products that Saneux offers. At any point throughout your creating of a designer bathroom, you can find a great Saneux bathroom product to meet your needs. Freestanding, recessed and insert basins are part of Sanuex’s product line. These basins come in many different shapes and styles. Sanuex’s baths also come in freestanding and insert designs as well as different shapes. You can make these products the focal point of your bathroom or find designs that blend in well with the rest of your luxury bathroom decor. Sanuex shower enclosures come in pivot doors, hinged doors, side panels, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and walk in designs. There are different shower enclosure shapes to fit your bathroom whether you place your shower in the middle of the room or off in a corner. You can also customise the shower enclosure’s glass thickness. Going with thin glass will bring your bathroom tile’s colour and design into focus because the glass will seem to not even be there. You can find close coupled, wall hung and back to wall toilets at Sanuex. The toilets come in both white and black designs and feature oval, circular and squared designs. Very few bathroom suppliers offer the same level of variety and quality as Sanuex. Contact us today for help selecting from this great bathroom supplier.
With the ultimate in contemporary designs for luxury bathrooms, Simpsons provide everything you need to ensure your home looks exquisite and offers a quality and comfortable haven to completely unwind and relax. The exclusive range includes a collection of showering products in a wide variety of designs and styles and bath screens with superb precision and high quality finishing. You can also find showering and bath screen accessories which can help to update the look of your current designer bathrooms. There is an extensive range of wet room products, with floor panels and installation components available at Simpsons, which will allow you to turn your bathroom into a 21st century dream. The innovative technology used by the luxury bathroom supplier will offer you an incredible experience which will revolutionise your experience and will provide you with all the tools you need to build your dream bathroom. No matter what style of bathroom you are looking for, you can achieve the perfect contemporary look with the products at Simpsons. A combination of state of the art products and quality will allow you to turn your bathroom from a standard style to an inspiration which you will be proud to show off to your guests. If you are unsure of exactly how to achieve the perfect look and feel you are longing for, the trained staff at Simpsons will be happy to assist with your choice and will help you to create your dream home, one step at a time.
There is no better thought on a cold winter’s day than that of stepping into a warm, comfortable bath with plenty of space to completely relax and unwind after a stressful day. The mere thought of those waves of deliciously warm water and the smell of scented candles around the tub can be enough to get us through an entire day of mundane work. At StoneKast, you can find a range of free standing baths which are designed to compliment your luxury bathrooms and ensure you create the perfect ambience and look you are proud to show off. The contemporary designs of these free standing baths will be a welcome addition to a new bathroom design or to update your current style. The timeless free standing baths will complement the look of your bathroom, not to mention offering a comfortable and relaxing addition. StoneKast can also provide luxurious basins in a range of beautiful bespoke designs, made to suit your exact requirements and measurements. If your bathroom is particularly petite and you find it difficult to find bath tubs to suit, StoneKast will be able to provide these for you. The range of designs include the Pebble and Oval which are beautifully crafted, unique designs which will look perfect in a contemporary style bathroom. If you want to add a splash of colour with your bathroom designs, you can also choose bath tubs with bright, vivacious colours which will really help them to stand out and will look perfect in any family bathroom.
Vado has grown to be a leading manufacturer of taps, showers, accessories and fittings for the bathrooms. Selling to over 50 countries, Vado bathroom brassware offers high quality taps and accessories. Vado distinguishes itself by its unbelievable customer service and innovation. BathroomsByDesign are the Vado specialist in Surrey and London and display Vado taps and showers in our richmond bathroom showroom. As a UK based manufacturer, Vado offers bathroom taps and showers that are designed to operate on the UK’s low pressure systems, maximising on performance. The Vado bathroom taps collection boasts more than 30 styles, with something to suit any basin or bath. Its shower range includes concealed thermostatic valves, exposed valves, fixed heads, handsets and diverters, plus complete shower sets. Vado brassware incorporates the latest water saving technology, with pillar taps regulated to four litres per minute, monobasin mixers to five litres per minute and showers to six litres per minute. All Vado products carry a guarantee of up to 12 years as an assurance of their quality. Vado is an exclusive brand and is available only to expert bathroom retailers. Buy vado from bathroomsByDesign for fast delivery and great prices.